A Positive Attitude

two-sisters-twin-women-friends-expressing-positivity-37188775Your illness, injury, or disease is real, and must be dealt with according to effective protocol.  Surgery, medications, diet, therapy—whatever treatment regimen you and your physician recognize as necessary for your recovery is to be taken into account and acted upon.  Doing all that can be done to regain health is a proper course of action.  But focusing only on the physical aspect leaves out a powerful part of the equation.  Giving proper care and attention to your mental attitude is important, too.

Having a positive mental attitude won’t eradicate a disease or vanquish a disability. And all the positive thoughts in the world won’t cause a debilitating illness to disappear.  But the writer of the book of Proverbs knew that “a merry heart is good medicine.”  When you are able to focus on the good in the midst of your situation, and see the “silver lining” of your cloud, your mindset can generate healing in your body.  If your physical troubles have tarnished your outlook, and your attitude needs an uplift– where do you start the transformation?

Many book and articles and speakers offer sound advice for this journey, and are good places to start.  However, you can start right where you are with what’s at hand.  Become conscious of the blessings of here and now:  The beautiful tree.  The singing bird.  The laughter of children.  Do you have lofty literature in your bookcase?  Do you have inspiring music at your fingertips?  Are there kindred spirits nearby with whom to share delight?  Take advantage of the lovely all around you in your quest for redirecting your thoughts to the bright side.

Striving for a positive mental attitude is not to be in denial of your very real situation.  Tomorrow may be better.  Tomorrow may be worse.  But no one knows exactly what tomorrow holds, so you can follow wise guidance, and not borrow from its troubles today.  Lift up your eyes and search out the uplifting.  Let your heartbeat be upbeat.  Your attitude will improve, and your health just might improve, too.  And that’s a prescription anyone can take!

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