Sports Physicals: Are They Necessary and What Should I Expect?

Sports Physicals Sumner Co. TNAre you eager to get out there and tear up the track or the turf? First things first: You need to visit your physician for a sports physical.

A sports physical, often called a pre-participation exam, can present you with a clean bill of health for playing the sport of your choice. It can also help you discover and deal with health issues that could interfere with your participating in a particular activity. When you play most sports, your body works hard running, kicking, throwing and swimming. With proper treatment, medication and exercise, even athletes with limiting health issues are able to play safely.

Sports physicals involve two exams—a medical exam and a physical exam. The medical exam consists of answering questions regarding health information, including:

  • Any serious illnesses within your immediate family
  • Any illnesses you’ve had, or that you have now
  • Any previous injuries, surgeries or hospitalizations you’ve had
  • Any allergies you have
  • Any physical difficulties you encounter during exercise
  • Any medications you’re on

Your doctor will also perform a physical exam where he or she will test the following:

  • Your weight and height
  • Your blood pressure
  • Your eyesight
  • Your lungs, ears, nose and throat
  • Your strength, joints and flexibility

Based on the results of your sports physical, your doctor will fill out the form and sign it, allowing you to participate in school or summer sports programs. If you have questions, this exam is a good time to discuss them with the doctor. Your doctor may also have suggestions for strengthening exercises and how to avoid injury. When you have that signed form in hand, you are ready to go out there and be the best teammate you can be!

Sports physicals are just $30 now through August 30.  Appointments are available Monday through Friday, evenings and Saturdays.  Please call (615) 328-3380 to schedule your appointment today. We’ve partnered with BodyGuard Sports Medicine, a comprehensive sports medicine program focused on the treatment and prevention of sports injuries in athletes of all ages. SRMC has been providing excellent healthcare to Sumner County and the surrounding areas for more than fifty years.

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