Women’s Health Month

Sumner Regional - Women's Health ServicesWomen’s Health Month was created to promote awareness and prevention as a vital weapon in the battle of women’s health. At Sumner Regional Medical Center, we believe that screening tests are the first defense in that battle. Regular screenings for various health conditions are important because problems discovered in their earliest stages are easiest to overcome.

Go Red for Women
Flaunt your colors by going red for women—and fighting heart disease. The key to preventing cardiovascular disease is managing the risk factors that include high blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. Screening tests are the best way to determine your risk factors. Your health care provider often conducts these screenings during your regular visits. Test results that reveal risk factors serve as a warning—it’s time to implement lifestyle changes that minimize those risks. The screenings offer you and your physician an opportunity to apply appropriate treatment before the disease develops. Influencing your health issues before disease is a reality is the positive direction you want to take.

Put on Purple
May is Lupus Awareness Month, and ninety percent of the individuals affected by lupus are women. Lupus is an immune system disease that causes damage and destruction to healthy tissue in various parts of the body. Lupus is a disease that is difficult to diagnose because it has symptoms that imitate many other illnesses. These symptoms come and go, are often masked and can vary over time. Screening tests are invaluable in diagnosing lupus. The symptoms include extreme fatigue, painful, swollen joints, anemia, edema, a “butterfly” face rash or sensitivity to sunlight, among others.  Listen to your body, and if you consider that you may be affected by lupus, discuss the need for tests with your doctor.

Mother-to-be Screenings
The favorite screening test for Mothers-to-be is the ultrasound (or sonogram), where you see images of your growing, unborn baby. You finally get to learn if you’re having a daughter or son, and whether to paint the nursery pink or blue. Screening tests for the mother-to-be can also protect you and your baby from serious complications that may arise during pregnancy.  Your doctor will suggest tests that apply to your personal needs.

Sumner Women’s Associates is making a difference in women’s lives by caring for the medical and surgical needs of women and the management of complex gynecological problems. Contact us at 615-328-3390 to schedule screening tests or other medical needs. Flaunt your colors—red, purple, pink or blue, and help Sumner Women’s Associates celebrate Women’s Health Month!