Breast Cancer Screenings – Preemptive Medicine At Its Best

Gallatin, TN Imaging at Sumner Station - Women's Imaging Services and MammogramsDid you know that cancer screenings help discover cancer before there are any signs or symptoms?  Breast cancer screenings in the Gallatin, Tennessee at Imaging for Women at Sumner Station accomplish just that.

There are three main tests that screen for breast cancer.

  • Mammogram – an X-ray of the breasts are the best means of detecting breast cancer early while it’s still easy to treat.  A mammogram can detect cancer before it’s grown enough to feel in a clinical or self-breast exam, and before symptoms are revealed.
  • Clinical Breast Exam – this hands-on exam is conducted by your doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional, and checks for lumps or changes in the breasts.  Both underarms are examined as well, to check for enlarged lymph nodes.
  • Breast Self Exam – checking your own breasts and both underarms for any changes or lumps.  If you notice anything different during these monthly self-exams, contact your physician right away.

The earlier breast cancer is discovered, the better the chances that treatment will be successful.  A screening mammogram looks for breast disease in women who don’t have breast health problems.  A diagnostic mammogram further examines an abnormal result during a screening.  Mammograms use very little radiation, and greatly lower the risk of complications from breast cancer.

Discuss these cancer screenings with your doctor, decide which are right for you and when you should have them.  This is a general guideline for testing:

  • Breast Self Exam – start at age 20
  • Mammogram – first one at 40 years of age, and every year after as long as you maintain good health
  • Clinical Breast Exam – every year after age 40

Remember that the goal of screenings is to find cancer before it has a chance to cause symptoms.  Schedule and follow through with your screenings, and encourage those you love to do the same.  Screenings save lives. That is a fact.

Imaging for Women at Sumner Station in Gallatin, TN provides comprehensive cancer screenings and mammograms close to home.  For cancer-related information, education and support call 615-328-3360.